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'their practice is inclusive, they follow advice from me and other support agencies' - Helen Block, Specialist Teacher for SENCO, 2013

All children are entitled to 15 hours of free Early Years Education from the term after they turn 3 years. At Ravenside Pre-School we accept children from the age of 2½ years. Parents are given an All About You form when their child first starts Ravenside Pre-School. This form is used to inform staff of the child’s likes, dislikes etc. and helps the staff to get to know your child.

Food and Snacks during the day

All our children are offered a healthy mid-morning snack and children staying for the full day are required to bring a packed lunch

Opening Times: Mon - Wed 9.15am - 2.15pm, Thurs - Fri 9.15 am - 12.15pm.
Fees: Half day (9.15am -12.15pm) £12.00, Full day (9.15am - 2.15pm) £20.00.

A full set of Ravenside Pre-School's policies and procedures are available, but please contact us for further information.

The Learning Journey (EYFS) 

At Ravenside Pre-School we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS) curriculum. The key stages of learning are attained through a combination of adult led and child led activities.

Every child has a designated Key Person who acknowledges that each child must be treated as a unique individual. It is the role of the Key Person to guide the child on their Learning Journey. We actively encourage parents to contribute to their child's Learning Journey.

Nursery Calendar 2018


Dates to Remember - Summer Term

Monday 4th June-Return to School after Half Term

Weds 18th July-Party Day All Children to Attend

Weds 18th July-Graduation Ceremony for children moving onto Reception

Weds 18th July-Last day of Summer Term  Have a lovely summer!

Tues 4th Sept-Return to Pre School


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Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 09.15hrs - 12.15hrs

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